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The Multiple Photo Buy Bonus

This is a very simple way of rewarding those who buy 5 or more photos.  For every 5 photos you download, you get one free high–resolution photo of your choice.  The free photo will be emailed to you.

How does it work?  I get a notification on photo purchases so when I notice you have bought 5 or more photos, I will email you and prompt you to pick a free photo of your choice from any event!  One free photo for every 5 purchased.     

I will need the following information:

             A screen shot of the pic you want with the event name, or

            Event Name and Date

            Folder or Race Number

            Row and Picture Number                                                                                   (Row number down from top, picture number counted from the left)

I will send you a low resolution copy to verify that is the photo that you want and then you will get the high resolution photo by email.


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